Friday, March 27, 2009


well, since I seem to be so into my poor negleted blog I have decided to post some of my cool Alice series which I have yet to finish..... there are two more that I have been working on for awhile now! Yes, I know Slacker! Noooo, just a ADD child!
I get easily sidetracked and as of late... I have been hot on the heels of my genealogy project!
I am soooo addicted to it!
and I have been playing with my dolls! shhhhh
I have put up some new ababdoned work but pics on here will have to wait or HEY! you can view them on flickr!

this one is my fav! a female madhatter since it goes in with girlhood: and the land of forgotten dreams it only seems appropriate!!!

this is my other happy little favorite! I am sure some psch. has something to say about that! but hey! what do I care! I think it's sweet anyway! lol.

If you enjoy these pop over to my flickr and view the rest! WARNING you will be entering dollyland! so you will have to go into my sets to get a flavor of my photography and illustration!

Thanks for checking me out! and putting up with my slacker ways! lol.

see you in your dreams!