Friday, December 28, 2007

Going out with a bang!!!

Hello everyone! Yes, unfortunatlyy I have not kept up my blog I've been bad ! However, due to alot of unfortunate events (divorce for one) I have been tied up & trying to get my life in order so I can start a brand new year. Fresh starts are my hope for 2008!!!!!

The little ladie on the left I made in honor of little miss Sophia who would have been 5 this year, she is my christmas angel, and heaven's keeper! so I appropriatly named this piece "Heaven's keeper" for this little angel keeps the heavens bright replacing and shining the stars so they always shine bright! and she is off to her new mom as we speak!

(she is a paper & plastic doily collage in a antique frame I did a rust treatment to!)

Also introduceing "Winter Solstice" she has star shine in her hair and glorious wings of olde she is a sweet little paper doll creation (of which I have one left to sell IF anyone is interested! please email me!) her arms and legs are all jointed and she is a original creation and one of 4.

My other sweethearts are my Queenie Belle tags! (One is up for grabs here! green floral) Her regalness dons a crown and a very pretty dress!

(All my work is paper collage with bits & pieces thrown in a few scribbles maybe some glitter or gold gel to make it look just right!)
and lastly I have my little snow fairies! aren't they quaint??? all snuggled in thier large stocking caps making sure we get all the prettiest snowflakes ever. They are gentle little girls who just like to play! they can adorn just about anything and look thier best! (two available~ midnight stars & old white scribe)
Well, my friends I'm sure I will have more later. I I will try to be more fluent with my blogs in 2008!!! OUT with the OLD & in with something new!!! and if I don't get the chance I would like to WiSh EVERYONE the happiest of NEW YEARS!!!! May this be the year of better things!