Saturday, July 11, 2009

an old wive's tale........

going into another direction...... she makes her way with some apprehension..... making her way across the heavens knowing the direction she is taking is beyond suspension....... she must cut the ribbon with more perseverance for it has been holding her back for many a long years...... let the bird fly it's way and never to look back!

basically it's spreading your wings and soaring high ,learning to fly again way above the rest..... weeding out that personal garden so you can begin to live a life that is better than ever going into a direction where you can persevere over the obstacles that have been holding you back for far too long........

Like in Moline's blog it's just a reflection on doing some of some own personal weeding ........
it's been quite some time since I have done some personal reflection..... 10 years in fact and have lost a part of myself i am hoping to get back!

smells like a series of old wive's tales! lol.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ok. I'm sorry.....

besides being a happy blogger slacker I have now set my flickr to friends and family ONLY!
My ex husband is into stalking and he doesn't deserve to "see" anything I have to offer!
But if you would like to become a friend... please note me and I will try to include you !
I only friend.... est. accounts so be aware I do ck them out!
anyway, here are some of my latest creations! hope you love'm! have a few more coming soon too! Mistresses secret pretty much says it all well.... at least to me! lol. but then who knows what I am thinking when I name these sometimes!
Ok. "winged Vanity" happens to be my total fav! I have been playing with this comp.
ohhhh forever! and finally I found the polaroid and BAM!her whole reason for being revealed...
I just *love* the feel of this peice and every part of it! Eventhough it is a bit more out of the box than my regular peices! maybe that is why I love her sad little face sooooo much!
and last but NOT least.... my subdew she's feels the lurking behind her..... but never to worry! it's more your imagination little lady!
Ok. I will try not to slack too much..... (no promises! :)) but I should have a few more montages coming soon!
Also they are now available in my etsy shop!