Monday, March 10, 2008

OK...OK... I'm awake mom!

Alright I have been bad & lazy & playing with my blythe dolls far too much these days!!! (Fionna Skye, Ruby Cate, Sophia Grace, and Lulu Belle send thier regards!!!) So getting back at the helm is in the spring air!!! I have several creations in the works! & they are divine looking girls if I must say so myself! there are a couple of lovely ladies who are familar faces (my favorites of sorts.... I try not to pick favorites but but darn they are cute!) and a few new and some that have just been lurking in the shadows waiting for me to introduce them!
My my where are my manners!!! at any rate I have a few I can show off today..... Can you tell they are dieing for SpRiNg to have sprung??? (these lovely ladies went to a swap~ however they have some friends who are about to emerge on the scene they will first be announced on flickr and make thier appearance on ebay! somewhere towards the end of this week.... I Hope!)

I am also in the "experimental stages" of pickling these lovelies...... so they may accompany you and see the world! But I don't know as of yet if I have it all quite right! Hmmmm they are tricky little ones and it's hard to get them to sit quite right when they are wiggleing so much! I may have to wait & see when they are right between that place where they are awake & asleep so they will be more inclined to let me work!!!! But here's the girl who gave me a fight! Mercy! she was a tough one to pickle! but still isn't she lovely just the same? Hopefully I shall have some answers soon so these wee little ones maybe on thier merry way! (to ebay that is! you''ll have to watch my flickr for a heads up though..... you'll only have 5 days once they come out to play!!!) these look to be most promising too! she looks far better than her captured reflection......

Oh what is a girl to do!?!