Wednesday, September 10, 2008

~ wOrN oUt pLaCeS ~

Well here I am again......
I have been so inclined by looking at other art and feeling like it was high time to get off my dead and do a few soulful peices that I have been wanting to create.
I ran across this picture of the older couple who are still close together and holding hands so warmly for their picture, it made me envious of their will....
wether it 's truth or just the fiction running amuck in my brain it would be wonderful to know you could have but one true love in this life.
Something that would stick like glue with a little hard work...... and just exist forever!
Hence the Name of this peice is "Promise of Love Everlasting".
In a throw away society wouldn't it be kvell to have such promise.....

I guess somewhere in my ramblings I should have established where and why this came about. I had done these pictures of old abandoned ..... worn out..... places many moons ago. They are my favorites and a series thet is near & dear to me.
It's a group I keep coming back to because let's face it they are how I usually feel anymore in this life.
It just seems to me that these are more serene moments where there is only you & your soul standing in the middle of nowhere, wind whistling, sunlight warm on your face and no more trouble of everyday life to procure.
Just you the sunlight and the wind wondering aimlessly about just happy to breath in and breath out, no cares , and no worries.
Of course it could be that I have been listening to Mad World by Gary Jules (Tears for Fears)

Anyway, the apples signfy love, prosperity, fertility, and growth. the feather is a uplifting of thoughts. The water signifies keeping their love above water and eventhough there are some ripples they can still see their reflection as a couple together still holding on. Life is about keeping it all afloat whether it is in the past, present or future ......
Some days it's sitting on that sill waiting for you to notice it's presence
but wherever you are, it's there waiting for you..... you just have look through the darkened room and notice.

OK. enough of this deep dark meaning behind my merky mind.
I hope that you will enjoy the images.