Wednesday, September 5, 2007

vIsItInG fReInDs......

Still another web is weaved and we are walking across the dark intense terain of the land of forgotten dreams where nothing ,like real life, is anything but seemingly obsured..... still we must go out to visit our friends who reside in this strange land, for no one can live alone without any visitors , you silly thing..... First, Gertie who has just done up her hair for our visit.... isn't it just so divine..... you have just the right touch! What a beautiful flower! Oh my dear you look rather stunning today! if I could only look as divine it would be a even happier day!

Next, Stella this young'n loves to leave her hair down ! Watch out for that sweet little bee! Oh dear me! bUzZ bUzZ bUzZ........
go away you silly thing
it's time for tea and what a lovely day
for the likes of it too!
Sometimes us girls just have to let our hair down sip a cup & sit back and enjoy the cool crisp day! OoOoOohhhh! I can see it's better weather ahead! if only it would just get here and not pass us by so quickly!
and for those of you who like my versions of Gertie & Stella visit my flickr page for the ones to be traded or sold! & give them a shout as well! & I hope to see you back real soon!


Sarah Ogren said...

These are beautiful and so very fall-like. I love your details....the hair especially!

By the way, I have tagged you. You can participate if you wish. Rules are posted on my blog.

the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

I see that! I was being nosey & saw you tagged me! and thanks for the lovely compliment!