Thursday, August 30, 2007

OMG isn't it Friday yet???

I am so bored & into work avoidence probally because your just on that verge of a extra day off!!! Woo Hoo! I soooo get to sleep in! Won't that be sweet! anyway, I am so ready for the weekend & even more so for FaLL!!!!! oh I can just feel the cool breeze, the outdoor market shows a great cup of tea.... hear the russell of the changeing leaves! Wine tasting! one of our wineries makes a great hallowine.... (OK. I'm not super huge on wine but my occasional glass I like to dwell in it & really enjoy! and usually I don't dig wines this sweet but this is good wine! almost tastes like a wassel!) only to be out shined by my fav Margarita wine.....Maria's Sangarita!OpenDocument Ugh.... in setting up the link I just noticed the wine tasteing is the same time as the Renegade art fest in Chicago! What is up with that???? It's simply NOT Fair! (((pout))) anyway, can't you tell I LOVE FALL!!! anyway, I know get to the art Woman!

Here are my beauties next I will be switching to full AuTumN mode!!!!

Summer Serenade isn't she lovely with the little tiny dancer (atc's with tiny dancers next!) a peek'n from here pettycoat! she is all some kind of paper or another with exception of her plastic lace, buttons & brads! Oh My! and lately I just have a fetish for curly hair! it just looks so fun! I can't help myself I swear a few of these almost have turned into rapunzel!!!!

and then my new ATC's because I have a mushroom & flower swap for the FAA lucky parcel swap.... well... I had to do something! and no these are what I had leftover I made cute swing tags for the swap! and they are holding lily of the valley! one of my fav flowers!!! but then again they also lack that "big mushroom"!!! just a hint! anyway, I need to pump out some work & quit my slacker ways! till another creation! Later gators!


Tricia Scott said...

Ohhh--- my special fave is the ballerina in the petticoat! just fabulous!

the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

Thank You! always great to hear!

Sarah Ogren said...

Summer Serenade is my favorite. I love the addition of the little dancer!