Thursday, July 31, 2008

Now Open!!!

Here's the Banner for my new Etsy called the Striped Raven! I have alot of my artwork and some newly added dolly clothes Also I will be adding a liquidation of rubber stamps! along with a multitude of supplies! should prove to be quite a selection!

Here are a few ATC's I have decided to part with that are older classics!

Also I have some of my wearable art that is available still some are not posted that are available! so asking is a good thing! you may catch all of my stuff on flickr!!!! (please leave me a note there when possible I ck there more than my blog at the moment BUT things are getting pretty close to the iron on there and I am sure sooner or later I will be asked not to post my link to etsy..... Anyway! they are always trying to crush the little guy! OK. kids! see me! promise to be posting more Art work in the near future! these HOT days do absolutely NOTHING for me!

Come on FALL!!!!!!!!! who like sticky weather where you have to energy suck and there are bug galore! YUCK!!!!! I want it all ! nice comfy clothes, no coat, and fresh cool air! (ok. not the nuts winter air we don't really want to get crazy..... I just don't want to heat or cool my nest!!!! Bills with this economy are INSANE enough and let's face it folks it's only DOWNHILL! pretty scary and another very long rant!!! UGH!!!!


Sandy Michelle said...

I jsut love your creations! Can't wait to see your wearable art. Your banner is so unique and beautiful!

I just wish I lived where it was warm all year round. I'm from Canada so we only get 2-3 months of hot weather a year!


the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

Thanks so much Sandy! great that you made it here to my land of blog! and actually what I wouldn't give for ALL FALL!!! Not too hot and not too cold (Ok. maybe.... spring too I love the flowers!) *smiles* and thanks for the visit!

henzy said...

these are so cool and creepy. good job