Saturday, June 2, 2007

***cRaZy dAzE***

here I am at 2 am feverishly working on my creations! hey it's the only time when my velcro child is fast asleep..... must go for broke!!! there is something to be said for the terrible two's..... I have finally finished up my girls.... and of course my trusty old printer which I LOVE has decided that after a unusally long rough hall it was going to die on me.... how cruel doesn't realize I just replenish him with a new cartridge... just like a man! except he has given me more joy pleasure & service!!!! LOL. anyhoo... for those of you who really couldn't give a crap... I will be going through the BIG D & right now i'm in a state of proclaimed man bashing OK. sort of.... just one...

and it's stopped on my good nature so you may not hear anything devinely clever... at least for awhile anyway! I'm feeling pretty far behind and I have been running to catch up .... it's just a ugly scene!

In fact this is the first night all week where I'm NOT tired I looked up & it was 1:30 am.... oops! and a hour later here I am banging away at the keyboard irritated I will have to try to sleep soon......

Anyway, the only thing my early morning is good for is the creative kick I'm flung into & I think I did a sweet job this evening! Enjoy! & Sweet ~yet forgotten Dreams

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