Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What a day for a Tuesday......?

Well, another day passes & I don't have anything.... new exactly. Still busy painting my studio room so I have to put my world on hold esp. since I had that slight disagreement with the desk & the ladder! NO! it didn't seem REAL bad so I didn't go to the doctor....... althought the way my leg has been swelling I may have 2nd thoughts! LIVE & LEARN! you cannot stand on a flimsy desk no matter how convient it may seem!!!! grrrr

Here are a few of my digital photo monatges the original pic is a old vintage photo & then I incorporated pictures of my daughter screaming (also obscured to make them more surreal) I think it still needs a touch more work...... I am always a work in progress!
this one is a forrest scape taken with my holga combined with fire rings , a vintage pic of my sister in a ballet outfit, & a jack o' lantern......

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