Tuesday, June 12, 2007

OnLy in BoHoville......

will you never see traffic stopped for old "show" tractors coming through..... except OH here!!!
Sorry I am still disgruntled from yesterday that I had to wait almost a hour for 400 tractors to go through..... UGH!
yes, I should be use to it by now ALONG WITH waiting for the train to "change cars" (about a 1/2 hr wait in the heat..... you don't dare idle with the air on!!!!)
it was just my lucky day yesterday!!!...... yes, this is offically complain &
moan day...... here in agriland! Here you go check them out! photos are by David Manley (no sorry not my pics! but must give credit where credit is due!)
Here they are tooling along the I&M canal......
I&M canal was a manmade water route to transfer goods from Chicago to LaSalle...... many small towns were made due to migrant workers brought here to help make the canal & it's many locks.......

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