Monday, July 2, 2007

Just a quick note from the insane assylum!

Well, I did it I closed my eyes & splurged on all splurges..... BUT I had to have her..... ck her out! Nicol Sayre doll! I also LOVE Fannie & Betsy but.... Nicol's dolls sell like wildfire & were gone in a matter of OH 10 minutes! that's so insane! Can't wait to meet Glory! Have her spot all ready to go for her.... at that craziness I will be looking at her constantly! yes, I'm insane I know but what beautiful dolls! she's definatly worth checking out!!! I hope to be as wonderful at it one of these days! RiGHT......... Wake up girl! LOL. anyway, here is a happy gnome to brighten up your day! (made for a swap!)

It's been such a slow process Lately but I will have a ton more to show soon! Plus what my studio room looks like! Almost finished I'm soooo tickled!

Let me know what you think about the new header.... finally something that looks 1/2 way descent! Enjoy!

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