Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Every thing's coming up flowers?

Only for these two lovely girl! But where oh where did thier flowers go??? OK who forgot them???? oops! I am the only one here... even I can only ever blame me ~ why is that??? Hmmmm something here is arye! However, it's good to see that Ida (Jayne's little sister ~) has finally come to claim her thunder! and has joined her sister ...... both have colorful floral dresses & hair ... everthing trimmed in some of my latest flea market finds! Don't you just LuV to find some happy little odditys that are just perfect for that creative inspiration..... however, in my true packrat form I am so sorry to see them go! (I so have large detachment issues!)

I just can't help myself sometimes..... OK OK all the time!!! I am a self proclaimed packrat don't you know! I am trying!!! However, since my pending freedom I have been getting better! I HAVE!!! However, I need to get rid of so much more! I'm going into the ddt's already! What do people do with empty houses??? It's just NOT natural I tell you! I NEED STUFF!!!!!
Anyway, enough of my gibberish! I hope you will enjoy my 2 latest girls I have at least one more in the wings! Ohhhh what fun! then off to my art dolls, then to my ATC's again!

However, like today sometimes there are just days when you would just like to have person reflection relaxation days! .... yeah like that will happen! but god, it sounds so good! Have a very happy Tues! (((smiles)))


HopHopJingleBoo said...

omg, love your style.. cool blog..gotta add to my blog list!!

the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

Wonderful! glad you dropped in! Thanks!