Tuesday, August 14, 2007

~ Wallflowers ~

OK. found some old wallpaper that we use to make heart shaped trinket boxes out of at least a century ago! Hmmm what to do??? OK. wild curly hair! that's the ticket..... Zetti yet vintage... does it has to make sense Hell NO! it's my art enough said there!!!!
Don't you just LoVe! when you find something you forgot about & now is cool beyond belief compared to when you forgot about it!!!
it's like hey! I'm glad I saved that!
What a truly packrat statement!!!!

Oh what is a girl to do but create it keeps my mind occupied & my hands busy! and last but not least here are my favs I couldn't part with! oops! Well, at least you can enjoy them here!!! I am hopelessly stareing at all my lovely art in the office , which I should finish cleaning so you'll think I'm not a hopeless slob when I take my pics! LOL. Well, hope you are enjoying my little wallflowers!


Donna O'Brien said...

Great post- your art is totally original here!!And I love the pack rat quote- don't get me started!!

Alexandra Knittel said...

Wonderful. I love all!!

Suzan-- said...

I really, really, really LOVE your blog, and your wallflowers. Your art is amazing and inspirational!!

the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

Thanks Donna, Alexandra & Suzan! I'm so glad you enjoy the work it's so nice to hear such wonderful compliments! Stay tuned I'm a little slow but hope you will visit more! Thanks a Mil!

enjoy said...

I´m with you in the ZETTI STYLE POSTCARD SWAP and i really hope i´m one of your swap partners, i love your artworks!!!

the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

Thanks Enjoy! always love a good Zetti! should be fun! & Thanks!