Sunday, August 26, 2007

~mOrPhInG sOuLs~

Once again it's time to morph some f_a_b_u_l_o_u_s little charecters!
I'm feeling the HaLlOwEeN bug!!!!
Something has to keep my pe·ril·las mind busy!
Well, i always have to try something new You know me forever playing! I can Never leave anything alone!!! give me a computer , endless art supplies & SOCO & cokes & I could be happy for days on end! LOL. So much to do so little time to play!
Shhhhh!~ & that is all I did today!
I have a whole free day & where am I at! in my art studio playing with stuff while on the computer! I am so truly hopeless!
HEY! i did do a load of laundry! so I'm not completely useless!!! (it's always good to try to give yourself a excuse for a lazy day!!! Oh & further more I cleaned my art room!!! Yeah me!!!) anyway, enough about my heathen ways....
to my children... my imaginary children that is!
I have been morphing my vintage pics 7 making them my own & giving them a bit of a happy little halloweenie zettiesh touch!
Miss Ruthy here is a delicate thing with her new poppy bonnet how can you not love that face so!!! I decided she was such a labor of love that I would try my hand on ebay! hmmmm I wonder if she knows her shadow is following her?!

Hestor & Nestor are sweet twin.....moppets? Ok. besides thier names what would be a clue as to thier gender let alone race? hmmm guess it's best to just keep on guessing that way all you can help but do is LoVe them!!!

Nellie & Brunna (on top ~ that crazy witch!) are mischeveous souls who just hang around & get into things when you least exspect them to! you have to be quick & just a bit sly to catch either one of these dear little souls in action!

and last but not least is dear Jayne she is my favorite of the crew! how can you not love her reddish orange flowing dress & floral curly locks she is simply here to mistify all that she meets! (you can barely tell but she has some wonderful plastic lace trim on her dress that makes her look just divine!(and her little sisterIda she's always running late! will just have to show her lucious locks later but then she does like the lime light!!! )

OK well that concludes our happy walking tour for today! back to my couch! On Thunder!.... OK not really I have to do something in my den of slack! it just feels nice to be kid free for a few hours! But then I do miss my mess makers so..... What is a mommy to do! Til Later my dear friends!

and before i go i must solicate! The new ACEO's are available & limited to only one (Like the highlander! LOL. There can be only one!!! god i haven't watched those shows forever!!!)

they are $9.00 each plus $1. S&H Dolls are $15. plus $2. S&H

Ruthy & Ballad of Spring are no longer available otherwise you my inquire through or my flickr account ATC's more than likely were traded long ago! soooooo if any of them strike your fancy & your heart strings! Please ask!

& always a pleasure to combine shipping!

and as always thanks for visiting!!!!

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