Thursday, April 10, 2008

Me Bad!

Oh I have been away for far too long...... first I'm playing then I'm working & trying to create in between....... What the hell is wrong with this picture!!!! LOL. no happy mediums here in my world! (OK. down to the fun HEY! and I can't even type a simple word this is going well........ )

I've been stuck in a world of myth lately as you can see with my divine Ram girls! I have a ton of these frames BUT do you think I can find them all now that I have a use for them??? of course NOT! what is up with that??? they use to be used for old watch displays and being into textures.... I felt compelled to use them! Yeah me!
OK. I'm a bit giddy 8 hrs in front of a computer screen only to be followed by more hours at home I can almost see at night....... eeeek!

Here are my new and finest girls!!! in thier best of dress and flights of fancy....they have been taking on quite a folklore look or maybe it was my sweeney todd influence...... ( a very lovely visual movie scenic wise ...but they get a little carried away with the blood spray.... and the singing parts a a bit weak of course I have seen the original broadway play with Angela Lansbury.... so this kinda pails in comparison that way.... but the overall feel was quite the Tim Burton splender that I love...... NO you can never please me!!! LOL.)
What ever runs through my mind no one knows.... it's been rather crowded in there lately! LOL. with all the horned things and nested blings nature is keeping a hand this spring in the land of forgotten dreams!

Yes, it's true I always get spring fever & quite bad too! they always have to tie me & my change purse down so that we both behave!!! Not to mention my mind has gone amuck..... amuck amuck amuck amuck amuck amuck ..... OK. Stop that! at any rate all these have either gone to ebay or are there at present..... hoping they go to homes that will enjoy & delight and definatly appreciate in them as much as I have! FREE BIRD hey who has the lighter??? (the song free bird that goes on & on &on & on..... my not soon enough ex husband was a DJ and this song was a huge pet peeve! so I felt compelled .... part my little dark humor ~tee hee!!!!)ok. no wonder I have been getting into movies like war of the Roses!!! LOL.)
I wasn't quite sure what to do with this poor bald dear....... but she turned out rather fancy if I do say so myself..... she's a nature activist not that it doesn't make this little birdie quite happy! that this wild woman has a mean glare!!!

and what a bout this poor polka dotted dear! she is so properly waiting for her spot of tea my Oh my where can everybody be???

and finally I have some rather cool lockets.... if you would like to purchase any please go to my flickr page and mail me! they are $28. and are everybit as lovely as the tags and you can wear them everywhere.... Thanks & tune in soon! I have some lovely behive ladies & a goat girl among others to introduce right quick! you won't be disappointed!

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