Friday, April 11, 2008

shhhhhh HEY! what's that???

Just feel'n like shareing today...... Some have asked where I get my faces well this is typically how it starts! a vintage picture & what ever maybe in my head for the day..... sometimes it amazes me what transpires! I really love Eleanor can't wait to show the happy finished girl she has come to be!!! she is quite fanciful and had so many possible ways she could go..... (but seeing I have spring fever..... can you guess where I have gone..... well, of course silly!!!!
hmmmm she is going to be on one tag one locket and she will also be part of a larger collage I like her so much! Yeah! I always fall in love with some of my creations it almost makes me giddy! LOL. I almost think I should do just a whole wall of heads...... My children may go into protest they always claim they 're being watched...... is that a bad thing? (I have a few flea market buys of people I don't know hanging on my walls BECAUSE I like them! my oldest claims it's creeepy..... so far be it from me to make her more paranoid..... *enter evil laugh* moohahahaha ~evil mom! )
OK. anyway..... I don't go into steps they are mine as well as my creation so just let me infringe this is a copyright of mine just in case the zillion watermarks aren't reflecting that.... sorry but some people don't know that NO MEANS NO!!!!!

OK. here is my rant for the day ~since another blog brought it up (well about the gym...)
What is with people who go to the gym & wear the skanky-est cheap ass floral perfume??? seriously I'm on the next treadmill gasping for air here! OMG!!!! seriously when you sweat the stuff personifies!!!! I'm half way through my workout and unable to stop my pace and this chick who is super runner gets on the next treadmill with the worst cheap ass perfume..... dear god just kill me! WHOA! I would almost rather smell BO for godsakes! and the thing is your breathing deeply & can't hold your breath..... dear god just shoot me! (did I just say that again?) any how I go & do my thing after the gagging at the treadmill and I'm about to leave and three little girls are walking the track & one of them has some nasty cheap perfume on too..... and she doesn't just pass me they kinda linger so I canNOT pass them prolonging the torture! (it's kinda like being stuck next to a pig truck in rush hour while your extremely hung over!!! yes, I've been there too! right after the all you can eat burgers (don't know if those are good are not oops!) and all the beer you can drink for $5. nite it was seriously ugly!!!!)
BUT dear god was there a perfume giveaway or was there just a memo on how to torture me at the gym circulating without my knowledge???? DAM!!!!
and what is a potlicker anyway??? sorry a co-worker just said it & wouldn't give me his 10 min definition.... but then do I really want to know??? I'm going with Nooooooo. hmmm OK. I'm done ranting (I think)

anyway, so I'm off to the races so much time so little to see.... stop wait ~reverse that!

you can see how my day is going to be!!!!!!!


Sinner G said...

I love that photoshop job, she looks like a Blythe doll now :)

sMacThoughts said...

OH yes, this is a good head!! :D Very nicely done, and I can so relate to the frustrations of copyright and image 'theft'.

Oh and I won't get started on perfume. There are good reasons I could go on and on on this topic. But I won't.

Sarah Ogren said...

That's so creative how you make the faces for your work.
Sorry to hear that you are having copyright infringement problems....been there.

the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

Ok. my thought exactly ... shhh does that mean I have been playing with my blythe children too much> & just ignore I called them my children my real ones may get offended!!! LOL.

the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

Yep, there is nothing like a good head HA ha HA .... sorry couldn't leave that lie..... but Thank You dear! and I could get more ugly about the perfume biz but hey... I didn't want to scare people off..... LOL.

the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

Thank you so much Sarah! someday I will have to get up the goomba to introduce myself when at a show! (I just so happened to buy 2 of your pieces at the Chicago show... sorry sometimes I am shy! Seriously!) I feel so much like a stalker or something... I swear I'm not!!! just entranced by art! But hey! Thanks for stopping by!