Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ohhhh Dam I have Spring fever!

Alrighty then here are my new mystical girls! Eleanor is the "nesting Faery she is soooo Poe! Still to me she is the most enchanting....I may just snag her for myself, however she is the finished product from "the head"!!!! Sounds like a Alfred Hitchcock film!!!!
Then there is Goat goddess she is really the one that takes care of the whimsical & fantastic ~enchanted land..... she loves to rest among the posies.

and my last girl she is the lands' faery priestess, regal to all she appears to......
I have so many charecters so little time ~I have at least a dozen little ladies to finish they have a face and are connected to a body whew! however, a whole lotta work goes into the final tag! it's a job trying to come up with thier little personalities! not to mention everything else! plus I have quite a few new flea market finds that have yet to go into"creation" ! yes, I just love making the faces...... some think I'm insane because all I do is play play play! hey that is what PS is for!!! and it so happens to be MY JOB!!!! (sort of... being a PS goddess yes, playing with my vintage pics no.... oops!) anyway, if you like my little freaky creations you have quite a few to look forward to~
I hope you'll leave me a line of what cha' think! I love feedback! like water it helps me grow!!!!
well, goodnight farewll so long and all that jazz! off to play! AGAIN!


Jennifer Conway said...

OK - are you going to sell Eleonor on ebay? I might just have to snag her!!! **love** her!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh- I thought you drew the faces- or painted them. I was like WAUW! Cool though!