Monday, July 9, 2007

~Hats off!~

It was a wonderful mail day today..... & in general a paper hat day!!!! I am so thrilled! I received my Nicol Sayre doll for one & yes, I'm still feeling naughty for buying her! But she looks so nice in my primitive cabinet that I can't part with this is one of my studio dispaly cabinets! I don't really have a whole lot in it at the moment.... The hands up top are when my older daughter was about 3 or 4, the photo is a sepia reproduction / restoration print I did of a way smaller print (about a wallet size up to a 5x7) which came out wonderful! this is of my great grandmother, grandma (who died very young) & my aunt..... I just loved the photo in fact alot of my favorite restored family photos need to go up but as you can see I haven't quite got there yet! (this is peek of part of my newly redone studio room) Still have quite abit to do in here so no more peeking!!!

Also I mentioned it was a paper hat day! Yvonne was good enough to do her version of paper hats for dummies tutorial for me! It is soooo cute! & not to mention a few little goodies Plus a pretty stellar Atc fairy!Thanks Yvonne! (aka Moline on Flickr) ~ that's my book on smashed fairys I bought ages ago that my statsh is nesting upon!

& Last but not least I know I kept forgetting to show my paper stash I bought from the paper source (I just ordered one more! ) & know I need to get to work! & use it now but like material it's so pretty! LOL.

they looked at me like I was going nutts! (hey it's not often I get to a "real paper store" Now I wish I had another of this green floral print (background I used for my NS doll!) Well, time to roll! Next time I hope to have something made for you with some of these!

(1st set of paper is a japanese cherry branch, a black paper with a 3d shiny dot, a camden fair floral, & a large gold with white polka dot, second set is a pink pattern piece, peach polka dot, green 18 century floral, a salmon pink with white pattern (3d) paper & last of all a large floral & bugs paper..... didn't have a purpose for it but it is so darn cool! )


nicol sayre said...

I love to see where my babies go to live...I know she has a good home! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! N

the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

I'm honored & she is adored!THANKS FOR VISITING HER!

Michelle said...

You are soooo lucky to have a doll from Nicol!!! I can't wait for the day when my dream comes true!!!

Found your blog on Zanymayd's...I'll be checking back often. :0)