Tuesday, July 17, 2007

~Rainy day blues~

Ok. usually I love rainy days but I'm kinda lagging behind today...... probally because I'm at work & not curled up & snuggling with my best baby (and she is quite the snuggler... such a plus!) I'm definatly not enjoying today!

Oh well, life doesn't seem to like me lately anyway, so I had to make some little fairies to lift my spirits! as you can tell I love to dress them!
and I've been in a vintage homespun mood as of late! My little captured fairy is a request to make more of my captured fairies! I had her hanging around & dress all ready for a atc along with poor Glory & I finally just put them together the poor little dears! tehy just looked so sad sitting there all alone! and I also made a sister to Midsummer bight dream!
however, I didn't get all that I have planned done...... so much to do & not enough time! Why is that??? my eyes just don't cooperate with me as much as I would like them to! LOL. Anyway, I have some more ATC's in the works & paper dolls & was going to try my hand at cloth & paper mache dolls too...... So all in good time I will post as I get them created in between swaps! Just trying to keep my brain busy don't ya know! Til then Thanks for looking! much Love!


Jerusalem said...

I love all your collages! How lovely!! I found you through a flickr mosaic at Janes Apron... Will have to check in and see what else you create!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Well THIS faeriegirl simply loves the work here with faeries!! Fabulous blog...so fun. I am going to make this a daily stop!!

Best ~ Rella

the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

Thanks to you both always glad to see others dropping by to visit! and thanks for such great compliments!

Joelle said...

I sooo LOVE your banner/header ~ whatever you call it?? : )
I love all your collages. Im a girly girl mom & of course LOVE fairies. really how could you not? I just love how unique your art work is & like to see various ways in wich everyone uses their own fairies & has diff. styles.
Keep Dreaming & creating fairies...
try somethign totally unique this week. Surprise yourself.just do it.
sometimes when we jump right in without thinking is when we create something special.
Im so glad to have found your blog!
Best Wishes ~
Joelle xo

Alexandra Knittel said...

I love all your works !!!

CrumpledPaperbirds said...

Your collages blew me away! Simply wonderful!!!
Need to give it a try myself:)

Jennifer Conway said...

Love that captured fairy - it's magical!