Tuesday, July 3, 2007

In the spirit~

.... of the day I have decided to put up my favorite photo of all time..... a phot that was taken when Theodore Roosevelt made his travel by train through our fair country side! If it's one thing our towns are ...... they are rich in history that molded this country! We are also the site of the first Lincoln Douglas debates (in 1863) here is a photo of the unveiling of the new mural that was unveiled a few days ago.... cost $43,000 to commission OUCH! It is 92 feet by 20 feet & is painted by the artisit Don Gray who was picked among the 20 other artist who submitted to do the Mural! truly it's gorgeous! I will have to make a happy trip over that way soon & take pictures of all the murals! I think there are about close to 12 now this being one of the largest & they are all quite impressive! (in Ottawa, Illinois corner of Jackson & LaSalle Sts.) this is directly across from the new Lincoln Douglas statues & the Reddick Mansion (Red huge home in the background of this paintng! & the real thing is in site across the park )
and yes, that would be Lincoln standing watching the unveiling! (Dr. BF McClerran a retired University professor who travels the State portraying the 16th prez!and a 2nd little bit better view.....and last another neat "oldie" when Herbert Hoover arrived by rail to greet the crowd! I love the pole climbers! If nothing else they are all cool to look at!
((( Have a Happy 4th of July!!!!)))


The Family Jewels said...

I found your blog through a comment on another blog and thought I would let you know how much I like your artwork. Your paper children are lovely! I have had many velcro children myself as I am a stay-at-home foster mommy who has taken in many children starved for attention.

Have a great holiday!

the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

Thanks for stopping by! My sounds like your hands & heart are full! How truly wonderful to be so rich! take care!