Thursday, July 26, 2007

Where am I ???

I haven't any idea! I've been trying to get everything done at once and Bam! nothing is ever done ! I swear one second it's 5 pm & the next it's 12:30 am! Where is my time going??? I never seem to get it all done it's so discouraging! Maybe it's just my horrible mood! Anyway, I swear by this weekend I WILL have some art completed! until then you can look at my ugly mug! (This is a self portrait when I was 25 & in art school! My Aunt thought I looked homely in this but Hell I like it! It's back when my hair was awesome!) anyway, I may pull outta this funk sometime soon..... maybe. I need to view more art to perk me up!!!!!!! ATC "Coming Soon"!
Kissys! Tracey


MAHIMA said...

i love your work.
i like the colour tone of this photo of yours. i just bound myself a new art journal so i'm plenty inspired right now. :) i hope you get your inspiration burst and get tons done. :)

p.s.- do you swap atc's?

the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

Why thank you twice! very cool I love book binding too! and yes, i do trade & soon wil sell some work too! Just note my flickr account if you would like to do either! Thanks for looking!